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Institute for Blockchain & Cryptoasset Research

Mission Statement: The mission of the Institute for Blockchain & Cryptoasset Research is two-fold. Firstly, by working with professional bodies and associations, as well as members of those groups, the IBCR will continuously educate and train practitioners, educators, and regulators. Secondly, and directly based on the input from advisory members, the IBCR will proactively engage with market participants to develop best practices, standards, and effective frameworks for continue adoption of these technologies. Achieving these dual goals will be accomplished through a combination of in-person, written, and multimedia thought leadership both in the United States and abroad.


  1. Educate and inform all relevant decision makers, including practitioners, trade associations, and regulatory agencies

  2. Offer and disseminate thought leadership on pressing issues forestalling broader blockchain and cryptoasset adoption

  3. Bring together thought leaders and industry leading institutions and individuals to collaborate and produce market leading content opinions

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